Consultation Services

Our attorney provides fee-based consultation services.

Suitable situations:

  • You want to talk to our attorney about the background information of your cases and get the legal opinion.
  • Your case is complicated and requires considerable legal work. You want dedicated time from our attorney for your case.
  • You are already represented by another attorney and seek a second opinion.
  • You have chosen to deal with your legal case all by yourself, but would like to seek a professional legal opinion.


  • You can choose the level of detail that suits your needs best.
  • Our attorney will collect detailed information about your case, conduct intensive legal research, and perform in-depth legal analysis.
  • Our attorney will be able to spend the necessary time to provide you more detailed answers to your questions.
  • The service can be guaranteed. Our attorney will allocate dedicated time to review your case.
  • The full amount of the consultation cost will be fully credited towards your attorney’s fee if you choose to retain us to handle your case.


Make an appointment to schedule a consultation service with our attorney by one of the following methods. Our attorney can conduct the consultation by in-person meeting, phone call, or email.